Continuing Operations

Once you have your business up, now you must get running!  Business owners commonly concentrate all efforts on running the business and generating income that they forget about ongoing legal obligations.  These include keeping current on business governing documents, ensuring the business is compliant with ever-changing tax and liability laws, and confirming that all assets are properly titled.
Estate & Business Law Group’s Corporate ShieldTM Service completes the tedious back-office paperwork, so that you may focus efforts on growing your business. Corporate ShieldTM is an integral part of your business’ strategy to protect its assets, guard your personal assets, and accomplish your business planning goals.
Corporate ShieldTM Service Protects Your Business by Ensuring:

  • Required owner and management meetings are held and properly documented

  • Business actions are properly documented

  • Governing documents are updated regularly to incorporate new business planning strategies, key personnel changes, and changes in the law – including improved legal language

  • Business assets are reviewed to ensure they are properly titled

  • Required reports are timely filed with the secretary of state

  • Business records are current and coordinated to support your tax returns in the event of an IRS audit or review

  • You remain abreast of changes in business and tax laws, as well as the general legal environment that may affect your business

  • You and your advisors get timely answers by telephone at no additional charge throughout the year