Trustee Services

A trustee manages property owned by a trust for the benefit of beneficiaries. The creator of the trust chooses someone who he/she confidently believes will uphold trustee duties and responsibilities.  Some clients choose a family member or friend to serve as trustee.  They may also choose a professional trustee, such as an attorney, to act in this capacity.
Estate & Business Law Group provides personal, honest, and reliable trustee services. 
As such, we owe a fiduciary duty to trust beneficiaries – a duty which we take seriously.  We exercise sensitivity and discretion in trustee management and distribution for the benefit of a minor, incompetent, spendthrift, or individual with special needs. Most of all, we follow our clients’ desires, as reflected in their trusts.


Beneficiary  One who receives property pursuant to a will, a trust, an insurance policy, an individual retirement account, or other third-party beneficiary contract.   Back to Top
Trustee  A person or institution that has the fiduciary responsibility for carrying out the instructions set out in a trust.  Back to Top