Many of our clients spend portions of the year in different states. If you live part-time in another state you may wish to have your healthcare directives prepared in each of your states of residence. Health care directives are mostly state specific. If you desire to have your wishes carried out no matter where you are if you become ill or injured, it is advisable to have a healthcare directive that complies with the law of all states where you reside a significant portion of the year.

Also, it is important to let others know that you have healthcare directives. Once prepared and signed, you should give copies of your healthcare directives to your chosen agents as well as your family physician. There are also professional services, such as Docubank or U.S. Living Will Registry, that offer twenty-four hour worldwide faxing of your healthcare directives with only a phone call. Your estate planning attorney can help arrange for these services if desired.

You should also ask your estate planning attorney if there are any other unusual provisions in your state’s laws of which you should be made aware. For example, in some states you may be able to obtain a “do not resuscitate” bracelet that instructs paramedics and other healthcare professionals that you do not want to receive resuscitation services if you cannot communicate that desire yourself.