Your first step in protection your loved one is to select a trusted family member or friend to supervise the personal, financial, and legal affairs of your loved one when you are no longer able to handle them. We understand that this selection is difficult, but who is better able to make it than you? Who better understands the unique needs of your loved one? Who knows better which of the potential caregivers will provide the compassionate care and protection that your loved one needs and deserves?
The worst thing you can do is nothing! If you fail to make the appointment yourself, you will leave the selection of your loved one’s future caregiver to the mercy of judges and social workers. The are more than ready to select your loved one’s caregiver if you fail to chose one yourself. Do you want to choose the caregiver yourself or leave the choice to the intrusive and costly court system? When made aware of their options, our clients select the caregiver themselves and take the steps necessary to make their wishes legally binding.