Mary W. Lang

Professional Development & Client Services Director

Mary Lang is the Firm’s Professional Development & Client Services Director. In that role, she is responsible for case assignment, case conflict coordination, and for managing all office operations. Mary is the Firm’s primary contact for client intake. In addition, Mary serves as Chief Operating Officer of EPICOR™ (Estate Planning Institute of Collaborative Resources), a regional wealth strategies collaborative.

Prior to becoming Professional Development & Client Services Director, her professional focus included the Firm’s bookkeeping, workshop preparation, and overseeing both the Estate Planning and Corporate Annual Maintenance Programs. Mary served as a member of the Board of Directors of Youth & Family Counseling for 15 years, and she has been involved in the Willow Creek Guest Ministry since 1995. Mary received her B.S. degree in Education from Northern Illinois University.

Mary is co-presenter of The Truth About Estate Planning workshop.

In 1995, Mary was a co-presenter of Strategic Planning Retreat For The Cartwright Brothers to the National Network Of Estate Planning Attorneys.