It is necessary t put a sound financial plan in place to provide for the care of your loved one because all the great instructions in the world will mean little if your caregivers do not have the money to carry them out. Our clients want their loved ones to receive more than the bare minimum level of care that the government provides. They want their loved ones to have the best life possible given their special needs.
Do you want to provide your loved one better than basic housing and living arrangements? Do you want your loved one to receive better medical and dental care than the government supplies? Do you want your loved one to have access to vocational training and other educational opportunities? Do you want your loved one to have access to transportation, furnishings, clothing, and other things needed to make life as normal as possible? If so, then you need to financially prepare for these things. It takes an experienced estate planning attorney and a qualified financial planner working together to establish and maintain a financial plan to ensure that your loved one will have the needed resources.